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  • Prepare for your virtual interview by setting up a professional background in a clean, clutter-free room with good lighting and no noises or distractions.

  • Dress up and plan to wear a full outfit (not just the top half!) to boost confidence and help make you feel the part.

  • If you ever get discouraged during your job search remind yourself it's temporary: the world will get back to normal and when the time comes to enter the workforce, you'll be ready!

  • You never know when a position at your dream company will open up! Prepare to apply by getting your resume and cover letter ready in advance. Be flexible about your goals and open to different opportunities.

  • Gain experience by applying for jobs related to your field so when the time comes you'll already have a foot in the door. Prepare yourself for the interview by researching the company and position you're applying for.

  • Use the extra time you have now to start networking. Use LinkedIn, social media, and even people you may already know as resources to gain knowledge and make connections.